Moving Things Around

I spent most of the day moving things around. First, I adjusted my attitude. I let naysaying folks get to me this week. I had to sit myself down and remind myself why I’m doing this work. After I started feeling better, I allowed myself to get a little mad because sometimes you just have to. It also puts a little pep in my step and I needed some pep today. The sun was playing peek-a-boo and I had trouble waking my brain up. After a couple of cups of tea, I pulled out my phone so I could stream some work songs but ATT was broken and I had no cell service so I worked in silence. I may have hummed a little while I worked. I moved a lot of rocks from the old flower bed in front of the studio/house to the grotto garden and I dug up hundreds of daffodil and iris bulbs that had all washed into one corner of the bed. It was like finding a pot of gold at the end of a rocky rainbow! There was an old duffle bag left in the house so I pulled it out of the trash and filled it with bulbs! I brought them home and put them in pots and some in empty planters and some in my sunken garden at home. I won’t leave them there but I thought it better to get the in the dirt again today. I want to keep them alive until I can transplant them back up at the studio after all the work is done. Maybe by fall I’ll be able to see where they belong.

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    i am glad to read your life here.

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