Simple is Never Simple, Is it?

I am planning to deactivate my Instagram account today. I have this plan to start writing over here on this blog instead of posting my photos and essays over there all of the time. Seems like a simple plan, right? Yes, well, simple is never simple, is it? I have had this blog for years but haven’t used it in ages and apparently I need to update a gazillion things to start blogging here. I started working on the updates yesterday but I can’t figure out how to do everything they are telling me to do. Argh! I’ll figure it out eventually. This is the third time I have tried to leave Instagram and start blogging elsewhere and each time I have run into technical difficulties. I’m moving slowly this time. I used to love creating, designing and formatting blogs. I do not love doing these things anymore. Social media has made me lazy. The last two times I tried to walk away from Instagram to start a journal, I gave up and went back within days. This time I am not going to give up. This time I am working on a compromise. I am taking a short break from Instagram while I get things sorted here and then next month I will return to Instagram where I hope to spend less time scrolling but where I will post reminders that I have written something over here for folks to read, if they are interested. I want my essays here in one place and displayed in the order written. I don’t want them jumbled by the algorithm and sandwiched in between ads and stories about atrocities and politics and calls for social justice and cute dog videos. This is going to be a place of my own, away from the noise, where I will journal about my creative process and my new studio plans. If you care to stop by and read, you are welcome.

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  1. Looking forward to following your journey…

  2. Wendy J says: Reply

    I’m excited for you and for all of us to meet in this quiet space. ❤️

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